The drinking game


Not sure when to drink?

Hint: Throughout the entire broadcast. Like we do!

However, if you need more structure, give this drinking game a try! Take a sip any time we say any of the following words or phrases:

  • Indeed

  • True story

  • But I digress

  • I’m so drunk

  • Really? Really???

  • Shit

  • I’ll admit

  • Fair play (*NOTE: Jill recognizes that this is not a phrase that applies to anything but a ballgame really, but Gina insists differently. This phrase gets you a double sip.)

  • Touché

If you can think of more words and phrases, let us know via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.!

Note: We are not responsible for any hangovers or other adverse effects. Play at your own risk. You’re a grown up, make good choices.