Gillian (Jill) Farrell


I am overwhelming.

I guess if Gina is going to lead with her defining character trait, I should too. I’m not sure it’s quite the same, but it’s a thing I’ve had to deal with all my life.  I didn’t even really know it until I was in my 20s. It’s not that I’m loud or boisterous. There’s just something about my personality that is sort of—a lot— forceful.  I’m sure Gina would say something kind like dynamic or something, but I think overwhelming is the most precise.  On paper it makes me sound like a douche.  Oh well.  Here’s the rest of my life:

  • I am married to “T”, and I have one kid named Milly.

    • I did not take T’s last name.  My kiddo is from my previous marriage to Stick, so I figured since she would have a different last name, I didn’t want her to be odd one out so I kept my maiden name (I’d gone back to that after the divorce) so we are a three name household.

    • T and I knew each other as ‘tweens’. I was best friends with his younger sister and had a HUGE crush on him.  He taught me how to play “Dungeons and Dragons” and was, in fact, my first Dungeon Master. Geek that. Years later, I contacted him to try to reach his sister and we sort of rekindled our friendship and it turned into more.

  • Milly is 13 years old and she’s incredible.  She has the most pure heart of any child I’ve known ever. She’s kind, thoughtful, and has the best attitude of pretty much any kid I can think of. She was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome this year, which is SO FUN for a 7th grade girl who is going to a brand new school, in a brand new state. Nevertheless, she persisted.

  • I have done so many, many jobs in my days. From waitressing to parade planning (yes, that’s a real job) but I currently work for an incredible company that I love as a home based Team Manager.  I work from home managing a group of Customer Service people who also work from home. It’s actually kind of baller and I would not want to work in an office ever again ever.

  • And my last fun fact; I had an open craniotomy (brain surgery) in February of 2018 and finished my Master’s degree in March of that same year. Besides learning to ride a motorcycle, that was probably the most badass thing I’ve ever done. You’ll get to hear more about all that later, I’m quite sure.